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Pet loss grief therapy

Have you suffered the loss of a beloved pet? Do you feel like people don't understand or minimalize your grief? The loss of a pet can be just as painful and traumatic as the loss of a human. In some ways, the pain can be deeper. While we all have family we love, there is nothing quite like the bond of a pet and their human. They are with us every day, They depend on us for everything. They love us unconditionally and without judgement. It is as personal as relationships get.

Scout and Micro as puppies

My husband and I recently lost our two best friends, Scout and Micro. Even worse, they died less than 3 weeks apart. Scout suffered what we think was a stroke and no longer knew us or even her own name. She shook at the merest touch. A vet told us that older dogs (they were both nearly 15 year old German Shepard mixes) that have arthritis (they did) sometimes just "break" all at once and everything hurts. Whatever happened to her, she was in pain - so we did what we had to and were with her til the end. 2 weeks and 2 days later we woke up to find Micro had died peacefully in her sleep. The pain we felt was indescribable. Our pets that were with us for 1/3rd of my life were gone. Everything reminded us of them. The house was full of their toys, leashes, treats. Every love song on the radio was about them and would break us both down.

Scout and Mikey in their prime

It took me weeks and weeks of searching to find a therapist to help me cope. Grief therapy was everywhere, but not for the loss of pets - just for people. After months of healing from the loss, I thought something needed to be done. People need help with this. People need a non-judgemental ear and strategies to begin healing from this great loss. All of the grief therapy sessions are virtual through Zoom and include the use of Reiki, guided meditation, talk therapy and other strategies to cope and heal. If you have suffered a similar kind of loss, just know that I get it, and truly want to help. Please don't struggle with your grief alone if you don't want to. Call and set up a session with me to help.

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